Greetings, awesome Path of Exile players! We have some good news that may interest you, especially if you've been having fun with the game lately. We are now buying items with alternate artwork, which are earned from race rewards. If you are already running races and have some Path of Exile items that are not being used and up for sale or trade, then please hit us up. We are ready to pay well for your items.

If you are not yet into races, then you may want to consider it now as it is a fun gameplay mode that can take your Path of Exile experience to new heights. To gain those race rewards, you have to get ranked in a race by earning reward points through various means. The first is being among the highest level characters at the end of that race, and additional ways to get reward points are being first and doing things like completing certain quests, clearing certain areas, and reaching level goals.

Once you have items with alternate artwork that you are willing to sell, please send an email to buy@d2items.comm with details on the items and other information. We can then straighten things out and facilitate the transaction.