The Breach Challenge League is a new addition in Path of Exile, allowing players a fresh set of challenges and strategies in the Grinding Gear Games flagship action RPG. Standard and Hardcore leagues are still intact with the same characters and items, and the Breach challenge league also has Standard and Hardcore variations available.

The Breach is an alternate realm within Wraeclast. Monsters within the Breach drop new unique PoE items specifically found in their Domain. Slaying the monsters within the Breach keeps it open, allowing you to collect a large bounty.

It also has new bosses, namely Breachlords. Their names are Xoph, Dark Embers; Tul, Creeping Avalanche; Esh, Forked Tongue; Uul-Netol,nburdened Flesh; and Chayula., Who Dreamt. When you inflict more damage on them, they release more treasure to you when they escape. As the narrative goes, losing Breachlords retreat to their Domain.

Splinters are among new Path of Exile items within the Breach Challenge League. By collecting one hundred of the same type of Splinter, they combine to create a Breachstone. Players would use Breachstones to gin access to a Breachlord’s Domain, by placing the Breachstone in the Map Device. Breachlords can only be killed within their respective Domains.

There are also Blessed items, which are upgraded items of breach items found in the Breach Challenge League. To use these items, you would need to use a corresponding Blessing that Breachlords release when you engage them inside their domain. Using the Blessing results in the related item becoming permanently imbued with new power. Only Breachlords can drop these items, as they cannot randomly drop by chance whether within the Breach league, or in other leagues outside of Breach.

According to the Grinding Gear Games website, there are 35 new unique Path of Exile items that can be found and obtained in the Breach Challenge League. There are also 40 new challenges, with milestone Effects rewarded at different intervals. These effects can only be obtained in this league. Completing the first twelve challenges earns you the Breach Footprints Effect, and at 24, you’re awarded the Breach Portal Effect. Upon completing the 36th challenge, players receive the Demonic Wings Back Attachment.

Breach Challenges get progressively more difficult, but are well rewarded. Arguably the easiest challenge is to keep a Breach open for at least 30 seconds or longer. The more difficult challenges include finding and killing the Shaper, and completing three Endgame grinds.

Starting with the 19th challenge, and after every three challenges, players receive pieces of the Breach Totem Pole decoration to showcase their progress in completing the challenges within the Breach league. It’s a fair assessment to consider this a substantial amount, especially with new mechanics to accompany them.

When a player emerges victorious at the end of the leagues, their characters and their respective stashes are transferred to Standard and Hardcore leagues. However, characters that are killed in the Hardcore Breach league are immediately moved to the Standard league.

The official release date for the Breach Challenge League is set for December 2, 2016,