Racing is one of the most unique and engaging features in Path of Exile. It is a well-implemented fast paced option for players of all skill levels to try, but success favors those players who have experience, understand strategy, and planning, as well as how to make the most of their PoE items, surroundings and resources.

Like all types of Races, the Headhunter Race takes place over a series of Acts, and each Act is comprised of several quests. Certain quests may be redundant, time consuming, or otherwise detrimental to your goal: to get through the Acts and subsequently the Race in as little time as possible. Completing as few quests as needed as efficiently and quickly as possible while amassing as many kills as you can requires a keen sense of strategy. Of course, more kills mean more experience points, but since it consumes time, it may be unwise to try to kill everything in your way. This is a race, after all.

Knowledge of the racing area, especially the ability to identify and get to zones where enemies or resources are clustered, can save valuable time. Like the quick decision-making that comes from plenty of experience and hours of practice, knowing your way around can be the crucial difference between winning and losing a race.

In the Headhunter race, all players have Headhunter as part of their character. Every time the player kills a rare monster, the monster’s abilities become acquired for approximately twenty seconds. The race is also heavily populated with enemies, so it is a very fast-paced and frenetic environment. This is a good thing, since races can last for about an hour or more.

The various buffs that can be obtained during a race, especially projectile and speed mods are especially valuable throughout every zone. When entering new areas and your character is still at baseline, it is absolutely imperative to get the first couple of kills, even those that are Volatiles, to obtain their buffs.

Headhunter Races are definitely not one of the easier races in Path of Exile, however, since managing resources is one of the biggest challenges. As the player amasses kills, he gains speed, power, and even size, but of course, these are temporary power-ups. This increases the difficulty in controlling the character on the screen, so it may be important to choose the right character and Path of Exile items to use.

For many players, the Ranger is probably the easiest, since he has decent mobility and his bowed weapon gives him a favorable advantage over his enemies. As a rule, projectile skill characters do very well in the Headhunter Race, and Shrapnel Shot is a highly effective weapon of choice.

A good strategy for the Headhunter Race is to attack enemies in large groups. Also, by destroying Rares, you can accumulate more experience points much faster than with other enemies.